• Jackie Hickson

Baby It's Cold Outside....Time for Soup

Having just returned from a month in Tulum coming back to Calgary always has its challenges including how to stay warm, but more importantly drop the weight from tequila & tacos.

I typically always eat a clean diet, not paying attention to macros (what really are those?) but ensuring I use ingredients that are as fresh as possible, affordable but more importantly delicious.

I am a member of BeachBody on Demand and came across this recipe and it is amazing. I subbed a few things, added some Jackie-isms and voila! I chose to use Rainbow carrots as they add a level of sweetness, also the oregano I brought back from Tulum (whole leaf dried) that added a fantastic level of flavor. The original recipe called for 1 cup coconut milk, I personally recommend adding the entire can for a richness that you will love.

I dare you to have just one serving

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