• Jackie Hickson

Hot n' Sour Soup: Self Isolation 2020

We are in an ever changing world. Who knew that Canada and the entire world would be in the flux of a virus that is paralyzing people, businesses, our economics and way of life. People around the world are dying...

And we need to do our part!

As a three time cancer survivor and someone who just passed her 5 year cancer free check up I am here to tell you we cannot fuck around with this shit. Be it our elderly or those with a weekend immune system there are lots of people at risk.

Life is way too fucking short!!!

So....what are you doing to "flatten the curve"???

I have voluntarily decided to self isolate inside my 865 square feet condo. I have decided to put my business on a hiatus. I have decided to enhance my relationships with my family by picking up the phone. I have decided to educate myself in vegan/vegetarian cuisine by trying a few new things and picking my beautiful niece Kaits' vegan brain!

So with that very passionate introduction to this recipe, here is my take on Hot n' Sour Soup

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