• Jackie Hickson

Introducing Jackie's Jam

I can't recall when I first realized my love for cooking and my passion for creating beautiful food. I would wake up early on a Saturday morning and run down the hill to my grams house and straight into her kitchen to take in all the smells of baked bread, molasses cookies and whatever stew was bubbling on the old stove. My gram was the inspiration as a true "home cook" Her recipe books were messy and stained showing her favorites with pages that were stuck together....mine are the same.

I think becoming a creative with food came from never having much money to buy groceries. Wanting to make delicious and beautiful food to impress family and friends-entertaining on a shoestring was second nature - it is amazing what you can do with "no budget"

I decided to start this blog to share my love for food and the recipes that inspire me. Food is my "Jam" as you know if you follow me on Instagram & Facebook.

I am looking forward to creating some fun, easy, affordable and beautiful food for you

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