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When you are a Home Cook and it's Cold Create

Tulum in January can be a cool 24 - 26 degrees Celsius and cloudy (don't groan too loudly) P and I are 'spoiled' and don't tend to go to the beach on those days so I wind up in the kitchen playing with local ingredients, driving my rusty bike to the Chedraui (AKA Super Store) to pick up a few things and bring home in my equally nasty back pack (straps are hanging on by a thread from our many heavy loads of tequila and ice) But the pleasure of creating amazing, fresh dishes is incredibly satisfying for me and well worth the bike ride to the store.

I have been craving the combination of coconut, limes and cilantro (all bountiful here) so thought I would busy myself with a few ditties.

Funny, I only make these while we are here, I know I could easily make them at home but making them here feels "more right" and far more authentic.

Chicken & Lime Soup is one of the most inexpensive meals you can prepare for your fam-jam; using leftovers from a Walmart or Super Store Rotisserie chicken, boxed chicken stock, fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime, cilantro and a few spices anyone can whip this up within an hour!

Coconut Lime Chicken takes a bit more time but the richness of the coconut cream with spicy chili and the fresh lime is well worth it. Using chicken breasts is a must with this one, I tried it with a cheap and cheerful back/leg/thigh piece and it just wasn't the same. Tumeric is optional however it does have health benefits to counteract all of the tequila we drink (LOL)

Last but not least is Cajun blackened shrimp - the key to this one is to use fresh shrimp and devein both sides of the shrimp to get all the poop out....seriously take the time to do this!! I took inspiration from a dish at a local spot that served us "Chichen Itza Shrimp" a local Mayan always I adapted a few things and voila, my dish was created.

Hope you enjoy - do a girl a favor and comment or share the blog, until next time! Salud

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